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  • Ruian Jilong Automobile Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd
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    • Ruian Jilong Automobile Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd
    • Address:No.13 Zhengda Road,Haiguang Industrial Zone,Haian Town,,Ruian ,Zhejiang,China
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    •    China
    •    Ruian
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  • Ruian jilong automobile electric appliances co.,Ltd. was astablished in 1998 and is a professional production of automotive electrical and automotive components businesses. Production is “Jilong ” unlicensed vehicle accessories are More th..
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    Company: Ruian Jilong Automobile Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd (瑞安市紀龍汽車電器有限公司) 
    Responsible Officer: Yusong Zhou 
    Business Model: Production 
    Main products or services: Starter; Starter Gear; Carbon Brush ;  
    Type of business: sole proprietorship 
    place of incorporation: Ruian   
    Establishing time: 1998-11-11 
    Management System Certification: ISO 9000, TS16949| 
    Business major markets: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa  
    Main Product: starter;armature;field case assy;carbon brush holder; 
    Main models: Japanese cars;Korea cars;European cars; 
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