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    Service contentOEM Auto parts OEM Factory , Auto parts export

    Audit Services

       Most factories in OEMOL platform were inspected and audited by us, the inspection process including about 20 items including factory environment, production equipments, Quality and so on. Purchaser can set your heart at rest to contact with the supplier with “I&A”marks.

    Authorized Purchase

       The workers of OEMOL.com are very familiar with factories details which passed the inspection and audit, especially at the factory , production environment and quality, so we are qualified for the authorized purchase for buyer, at this moment this service is free-charge. If you want to enjoy this service please send your purchase inquiry (with details OEM number & name) to our operator .Following is contact infos: 0086-577-65883090 E-mail:oem@oemol.com

    OE number Searching Online

       Professional technician , precise、convenient、fast , enter OEM number you can easy to find related factories with Products’ photos, OE No., International Part Number, Applicant vehicle, dimensions and Chinese manufacturers.

    Professional magazines and CD

       It contains the latest audited auto parts factories information and products catalogy.The buyers could get it from professional exhibitions; Make sure to check the "OEM Factory & OEM Auto Parts"
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